Chu The Phat menu prices in Australia

The Chu The Phat is a chain of restaurants that offers a modern take on Asian street food aesthetics. The Chu The Phat menu list contains a wide range of starters, like, side dishes, mains, noodles and rice, and two different banquet options. Inspiration for their menu came from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

The Chu The Phat menu prices

The current prices from the Chu The Phat menu are Listed below.

All prices are current as of December 2021.

Starters menu:


Menu ItemPrice (AUD)
Vegatable Crackers$6
Steamed Duck Buns (x3)$15
Smoked Trout Dumplings (x6)$15
Sweet Corn & Coriander Dumplings (x6)$15
Vegetable Spring Rolls (x4)$14
Fried Chicken Ribs (x5)$15
Red Fried Pigs Tails$9
Poached Chicken Salad$17
Mung Bean Pancake$14
Grilled Pork Sandwich (x2)$10
Wagyu Dumplings (x6)$18


Photos of the official Chu The Phat in-store menu


Photos of the official Chu The Phat in-store menu


About the Chu The Phat restaurant

The Chu the Phat is a bar and restaurant Coffee Club menu prices in Australia that offers various Asian street foods in an urban style, situated in South Brisbane’s food district, Fish Lane. The outlet is hard not to notice with its large glass signage that calls attention to every passerby.

The multi-level restaurant was launched in 2017 also, owned by the same people who managed Madame Wu. There is a sprawling bar with assorted beverages the Chu the Phat offers its patrons on its first floor. The patrons can enjoy a more intimate space with another bar and the open plan kitchen in which you can see the chef making the orders.

While Madame Wu caters mainly to a formal and businesslike setting, the Chu the Phat gives a relaxing, casual and spontaneous ambience. The place is enormous and it can accommodate a banquet of 250 to 300 people. It has a large mezzanine with a beautiful view of the busy street.

The complete Chu the Phat menu specializes in Asian street food inspired by the food stalls of Korea, Hongkong, and Taiwan. The executive chef Brendan Barker groups the menu into snacks, bread, salads, noodles and rice, starters, and the main course. Gluten-free dishes are being offered to gluten-intolerant people as well.

In addition, the restaurant has an affordable banquet of 45 per head or 60 per head that provides a wide range of food and drinks that suits your taste. The banquet items consist of assorted filling dishes, dumplings, chicken, wok greens with oyster sauce, and a bowl of steamed rice.

Their bestsellers are pork and kimchi rolls with anchovy mayo, smoked trout cakes, LA-out beef ribs with shiso leaf, and other types of kimchi. The Chu the Phat is a bustling place. Therefore, it would be wise to book in advance when you plan to dine there.


The food was delightful, just like the service. We had a waiter-in-training who was friendly, enthusiastic, and doing an excellent job for the first night, while the waitress he was shadowing was attentive to us and encouraging to him. The pair was fantastic! And indeed, the food could not have been any more delicious. It quickly prepared and got us to our show on time and full bellies!

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