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The first thing to note about Christine is that she has a net worth of three million dollars. She was born on the 14th of October 1988 and is known as an actress.

Aside from acting, Christine earns her living as a real estate agent, model and fashion designer.

Christine got into the limelight when she appeared as one of the famous members in Netflix’s reality show tagged “Selling Sunset“.

Various sources have claimed that her yearly income as of 2022 is pegged at $250000. Her major source of income is gotten through modelling, acting and real estate.

Then she earns some more from brand collaborations and fashion designing.


Net Worth Of Christine Quinn

If you never know, Christine is among the highest-paid people to be found in the Oppenheim group. She is married to a millionaire who is worth €1.4 million. One thing Christine is fond of is luxurious items.

She is known to own some wealthy things such as a diamond ring worth one million dollars, mansions worth five million dollars and costly cars.

Lest we forget, Christine is thirty-three years old and from the United States. Christine’s net worth has plummeted over the years.

As of 2017, she was worth two million dollars and moved upwards to $2.4 million. By 2019, she was worth $2.6 million, which progressed to $2.8 million in 2020.

In 2021, Christine’s net worth was pegged at $3 million. This amount can as well rise higher before the next year begins.


Full Name:Christine Quinn
Net Worth:$3 Million
Country:United States
Born:14 October 1989
Last Updated:2022


Biography Of Christine Quinn

Biography Of Christine Quinn


Also known as Christine Bently Quinn, she was born to Barbara Dragony on the 14th of October 1988. Before moving to Los Angeles, she schooled at a local school situated in Texas.

In getting a higher degree, she wrote the California Real estate exams in 2019 and began her career in this field.

However, when it comes down to her personal life, she married a software engineer in 2019 named Christian Richard.

They have a child, and as we mentioned earlier, he is a millionaire, and they own a mansion near Hollywood Hills worth a whopping five million dollars.

Christine weighs 68kg, and her height falls on 1.6m. Recently, she got associated with Emma, her co-star, due to the commonality of their boyfriend.

Some talks claim that she wanted to make a move to quit the Oppenheim group.



Career Life Of Christine Quinn

Christine began her career as a model for different agencies. From here, she had dreams of being a fashion designer and went ahead to study in this field.

As of 2010, she launched her film tagged “the father of the invention” and made some other films.

These films are:

• Hot tub machine
• Humans vs zombies
• Casting couch, and more.

You may have seen Christine in diverse television series such as Family Trees, Annie Tribeca, Drop Dead Diva, Family Tree and the famous Lone Star.

After a while, Christine began her career as a real estate agent and was an agent in the Oppenheim group.

In the Netflix series Selling Sunset, she was famous for her overdramatic character.

Career Life Of Christine Quinn

FAQs On Christine Quinn

What is Christine’s net worth?

She is worth an estimate of three million dollars.

What is her yearly income?

Yearly, Christine earns up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

What does she do for a living?

As stated within the article, Christine is a model, real estate agent, actress, fashion designer, and she even goes ahead to collaborate with brands.

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