Celia Gabbiani Net Worth – Height, Crossfit Athlete, Bio

As a Spanish CrossFit athlete, social media influencer, Fitness trainer and entrepreneur, Celia Gabbiani has a net worth pegged at $1 million.

She is famous for sharing her fitness, workout, and modelling on diverse social media platforms. Celia is among the top Spanish athletes who have gained fame in her country and the world.

In addition, she is the inspiration for millions of people who are passionate about being athletes. Her YouTube workout videos can trend with millions of views.

Note that Celia attained popularity through her excellent physique, which enables her to get in front of the screen all the time.


Net Worth Of Celia Gabbiani

According to multiple sources, Celia is estimated to have a net worth of one million dollars. In addition, she is among the top Spanish CrossFit athletes who have a large follower base on social media.

Her monthly income is over ten thousand dollars, and the majority of her earnings come from the fitness industry plus her interests in games, social media and TV shows.

Her yearly income is more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Aside from this, her source of wealth comes from the diverse fitness brand and supplement promotions, ads and modelling she embarks on.

As a result, her net worth is continuously growing, pegged at $200,000 in 2018. As of 2019, it grew to $300000 and $500000 in 2020. By 2021, it rose to $800000 and finally one million dollars in 2022.

NameCelia Gabbiani
Nick NameCelia
Birth PlaceMarmande, France
Date Of BirthNovember 12, 1990
Age(as of 2021)31 Years
Zodiac SignLeo
ProfessionCrossFit Athlete

Early Life and Career of Celia Gabbiani

Early Life and Career of Celia Gabbiani

Celia was born into a Christian family in the year 1990. They lived in Marmande, France. She has barely revealed the names of her family members, and when it comes to her relationships, she is pretty discreet as well.

Her zodiac sign is Leo, and she has French nationality. From her childhood days, she has been passionate about fitness and sports.

She began her career at the tender age of ten when she started swimming and wanted a career in this sport. By the age of 19, Celia moved to Toulouse to get a lifeguard diploma.

Aside from this, when Celia was 21, she developed an interest in CrossFit after listening to the advice of Erick Monolayer, her driving instructor.

She made her launch in Crossfit games in 2015 when she was twenty-three years old.

This was the turning point of her career as Celia got massive fame from sharing her CrossFit videos and pictures on Instagram.

Furthermore, she won various regional games and was even qualified for CrossFit games.

Currently, she is among the top Crossfit athletes, and her goal for the future is to be the number one CrossFit athlete and win the title of the Fittest women on Earth.

As one of the world’s well-known athletes, she enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle. She owns an exquisite home in Miami, where she spends most of her time.

As a result, many health and fitness companies want Celia as their brand ambassador.

However, she currently endorses lots of supplements and other products like RokFit, ‘Vanquish fitness and many others. She is also the founder of the ‘Moth clothing brand.

Celia’s Workout

Celia's Workout - Net Worth Of Celia Gabbiani

As one of the most famous athletes globally, Celia makes diverse records. She can lift 130kg for deadlift, 100kg for the back squats, 55kg for the overhead squat, and even 79kg of jerk.

Though she has some pretty impressive records, Celia prefers engaging in bodyweight exercises and heavy lifting.

This is a fantastic way of boosting muscle mass and building strength.

She embarks on cardio five times weekly and tries lifting heavy things to eat more calories. She weighs 61kg, and she is 5.2 feet tall.

Celia’s Diet

Since many people are interested in knowing this, it must be noted that Celia eats very healthy meals and makes it known that the micronutrients are more vital than the macronutrients.

Her diet includes fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, lean meats, and seeds.

Celia also eats cookies, brownies, milkshakes, and chocolate muffins to decrease her cravings.


FAQs on Celia Gabbiani

What is Celia’s net worth?

As stated in the article, she is worth one million dollars.

How much does she make yearly?

Celia Gabbiani makes more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars yearly.

How old is Celia?

Celia will thirty-two years old this year.

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