Fasta Pasta menu prices in Australia

Are you living in or visiting Australia soon and you are a lover of light, delicious meals? Then, Fasta Pasta restaurant is the place to be for you. The restaurant specialises in providing a range of quality meals such as pasta, garlic bread, pizza, risotto, and drinks that are well made in a certified environment, following … Read more

Krispy Kreme menu prices in Australia

Krispy Kreme is the world best-known doughnut shop. Their range of Assorted doughnuts is vast, which means that there’s undoubtedly something to tempt every customer. The Krispy Kreme menu entails their Original doughnuts, their most popular items on the menu list. In the recent years, their in-store offering has increased to include a range of … Read more

Rolld menu prices in Australia

Roll’d is a fast-food chain founded by Bao Hoang, inspired by great Vietnamese family recipes handed down from his mother, Phien, who came to Australia in a refugee boat with his father, Quy and his two older brothers in 1981. The first Roll’d restaurant opened in 2012 in Melbourne’s CBD’s bustling city and has since expanded to 86 restaurants … Read more

Milky Lane menu prices in Australia

The Milky Lane is a boutique burger shop that has been in operation since 2016. Along with their wide range of delicious burgers, they also offer a great selection of top-notch desserts guaranteed to be enjoyed by any sweets fanatic. There are currently stores in Newstead, Bondi, Parramatta, Cronulla, Surfers Paradise, Canberra, Crows Nest and … Read more

Sizzler Menu Prices in Australia (2021)

Sizzler is a restaurant chain founded in 1958 as a steakhouse offering affordable steak dinners. While it still provides steak, it has expanded its service to include other foods such as tacos, seafood, soups, and various salads.     The chain currently has more than 270 stores throughout the country and still, it retains its … Read more

Getta Burger menu prices in Australia

Getta Burger is a burger chain that specialises in making beef patty burgers with only Australian prime ground beef. The favourite on the Getta Burger menu has to be the Getta ‘Lot’ burger, which features a USA mayo, beef patty, bacon, cheese, grilled onions, tomato sauce, lettuce, special BBQ sauce, mustard, pickle, dished on a … Read more

PappaRich menu prices in Australia

PappaRich is serving authentic, delicious Malaysian cuisine to the Australian market. All the food is made and prepared with carefully selected ...

PappaRich is a chain of restaurants that serves traditional Malaysian cuisines. A couple of specials on the PappaRich menu include Roti Canai with Sambal and the famous Pappa Chicken Rice with Steamed Chicken. Papparich has menu items in Roti, Bread, Satay, Noodles, Rice, Vegetarian, Sharing, Snacks, Desserts, Pappa Special, Malaysian Favourites, Pappa Delicious Concoctions, Soft … Read more

Crinitis menu prices in Australia

Crinitis menu prices in Australia

Crinitis is a family restaurant chain serving local Italian foods and dishes. The Crinitis menu features all unique Italian dishes, including veal, pasta, pizza, chicken and even burgers for something different. Credits menu prices Listed in this article is the complete Crinitis menu for locations throughout Australia. The prices are current as of December 2021. … Read more

Daniel’s Donuts menu prices in Australia

Daniels Donuts Daniel Donuts is a popular doughnut store in Melbourne, Australia, in 2016. The famous doughnut chain has become the go-to place for anyone who loves doughnuts, pies, coffee, and other sweets. Daniel Bartolotta, the owner, bought their old family bakery in 2015, named it Daniel bakery, and changed the entire menu with his … Read more

Chu The Phat menu prices in Australia

The Chu The Phat is a chain of restaurants that offers a modern take on Asian street food aesthetics. The Chu The Phat menu list contains a wide range of starters, like, side dishes, mains, noodles and rice, and two different banquet options. Inspiration for their menu came from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. The … Read more