Cass Martin Net Worth 2022 – Income, Age, Height, Bio

We are all conversant with the phrase, “Whatever a man can do, a woman can do better”. This statement applies to women going beyond the norm, breaking boundaries and barriers while making a name for themselves.

This article looks at a woman breaking the ice and going further to achieve some unimaginable and undisputed feat in her career path. Her story is one of utmost dedication, consistency, perseverance and patience even amid challenges. Also, she is a role model for many people, especially the female folk.


Personal Life and Relationship


Short Profile
First NameScott
Last NameMartin
ProfessionYouTube Star
Age44 years old
Birth SignLibra
Birth DateOctober 9, 1974
Birth PlaceUnited States
CountryUnited States


Born in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the United States on the 27th of May 1990, Cass Martin’s journey into fitness started after graduating from college, where her boyfriend, a bodybuilder and a fitness enthusiast, was her coach.

Although Cass has always had a love for sports, but was never interested in being a bodybuilder. Cass had a lean and trim physique with a height of 5ft 5 inches, and during her bodybuilding and weightlifting, she now weighs 60kg. Cass is happily married to her long time boyfriend Hunter, a bodybuilder.



Cass Martin Career


Before delving fully into bodybuilding and weight lifting, Cass worked as a construction worker; the intense work as a construction worker also helped shape her body outlook. This also brought about her desire to be a bodybuilder.

Her greatest inspirations to become a bodybuilder are Jamie Eason, a female bodybuilder, Dana Linn Bailey and Ronnie Coleman, who inspired her greatly to become one of the most sought after bodybuilders. 

Ronnie Coleman, in particular, had a significant role to play in her career as a bodybuilder because Ronnie had the strength and Charisma, making Cass fall in love with bodybuilding. Because of this, she started using heavier weights and lifts to achieve her set goals.

As a result, Cass is a bodybuilder and an Instagram influencer who uses her skills in bodybuilding to inspire aspiring female bodybuilders and weight lifters. 

Cass has a lot of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms due to the inspiration she gives to other women. She is on TV; she is heard on the radio and seen on most Billboards and magazine covers, undoubtedly paving the way for her and her career.

However, she hardly rests on achieving her desirable feat as she is always working out round the clock. 

Cass Martin has a timetable for her various bodybuilding and weightlifting exercises, with the motive of developing the muscles on every part of her body. These exercises, according to her, help all her body parts correspond with one another. She works round the clock for six days a week, resting only on Sundays.

She cut down on some meals to aid her career on her diet. She also ensures that she eats the right food at the right time and in quantity. These schemes and systematic plans are designed towards having a good and flourishing career as a bodybuilder and a weightlifter.

Salary and Net Worth

As of 2022, Cass Martin has a net worth of $3million, earning a salary of over $15,000 and $140,000 annually. Cass’s income comes from her career as a bodybuilder, weightlifter, and private business.

In addition, being a social media enthusiast, a fitness model and featuring in various commercials also plays a significant role in increasing her net worth.



Cass Martin Endorsements


Cass Martin is a brand ambassador for Nocco; a healthy drink ranked high in the United States. She is also a brand ambassador to Barbells and Vqfit Women.





The story of Cass Martin is an inspiration to everyone, but most especially to the womenfolk who think that they cannot go into some career path because of the status given to men in that career.


What year was Cass Martin born? 

  • Cass Martin was born on the 27th of May, 1990.

What is the full name of Cass Martin?

  • Cass Martin’s full name is Cassandra Martin.

What is Cass Martin’s Net worth?

  • Cassandra Martin’s Net worth is currently $3 million.

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