Burak Ozcivit Net Worth 2022 – (Kuruluş Osman) Income, Bio

When talking about the movie and fashion industry, Turkey is one country that never seems to be on the map, and that is quite sad because there are a handful of Turkish celebrities. In this article,  will be shining the attention on one of them named Burak Ozcivit.

Burak Ozcivit is a Turkish actor born on December 24, 1984, in Istanbul (the largest city in Turkey) to a Muslim family. This year he will be celebrating his 38th birthday.

He had his secondary education at Kazm şmen High School. He then had his tertiary education at Marmara University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, where he bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Burak Ozcivit began his modelling career in 2003, and that same year, he was given the title of Turkey’s Top Model. Two years later, he was named the World’s second-best model.

Burak then decided to venture into television, making his television debut the following year in 2006 while playing the role of Murat in the television series ‘Eksi 18.’

Ozcivit ventured into the cinematic World when he starred in ‘Musallat’ where he played the role of Suat in 2006, and that same year, he was declared GQ Man of the Year. Later on, the Turkish born actor appeared in various television series, including ‘Zoraki Koca, Baba Oca, Küçük Solar,’ amongst others.

However, his big break in acting came in the form of the character of Osman Bey in the popular series ‘Kuruluş: Osman’ in the year 2019. He became very popular and renowned worldwide due to his character in the series; he embodied the character.

His performance in this movie and other movies has gotten him numerous plaques; he took home the award for the first Actor of the year at the Golden Palm Awards.


Burak Ozcivit’s Net Worth

Burak Ozcivit’s net worth is currently estimated at $8 million, when converted to Turkish currency, sums up to 70 million Turkish Lira. As of 2021, he was worth $7 million; in 2020, it was $5.8 Million; and in 2019, he was worth $4 Million.

As an actor known worldwide, it’s safe to say that he has successfully put Turkey on the map when it comes to entertainment. Burak Ozcivit allegedly earns more than $50,000 monthly, and he also works as a producer in his company, BRK’S Production, where he’s equally cashing out big time.

Burak’s primary source of income comes from acting in movies, modelling, and of course, television series. The Turkish superstar estimated earning per television episode is reportedly $30,000. Apart from that, he also makes money from advertisements.

He has a pleasing face and excellent body physique; he may as well earn with it! Every year, his net worth increases due to the acting gigs he gets, and he allegedly earns over a million dollars annually.


Burak Ozcivit's Net Worth


Burak Ozcivit’s Lifestyle and Cars

Burak Ozcivit is a man of affluence, and he enjoys a luxurious life. He lives in a beautiful house in one of the high-class areas in Turkey. There are many things to love about his “not so humble” abode. Aside from the high class and fancy architectural home design, the Turkish actor owns a restaurant he opened in 2014.

Olivia is an antique car enthusiast and lover. He enjoys the classy feel that comes with old automobiles; this love is the reason he owns a few expensive rides consisting of a $47,700 Land Rover Defender; a ‘BMW3 Series, purchased at the price of $48,000; a McLaren 570S, which is the most expensive car parked in his garage.

In addition to that, he’s a proud owner of a Land Rover, which cost a whopping sum of $92,000.

Burak Ozcivit’s Lifestyle and Cars


Burak Ozcivit’s Endorsements

As far as endorsement goes, Burak Ozcivit has it in the bag. He is a top model and actor, a gem in his country, and because of that, he is always the first man to call on when it comes to brands and endorsements. He is a brand ambassador for financial organizations such as Trem Global. He is also an ambassador for Clear Men Shampoo and Pepsi, amongst other notable brands.


Actual Title Burak Özçivit
Nickname  Burak
Identified Title  Burak Özçivit
Occupation Actor and Mannequin
Gender Male
Date of Start December 24, 1984
Age 36 years (as of 2021)
Birthplace Istanbul, Turkey
Hometown Istanbul, Turkey
Present Residence Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Faith Muslim
Years energetic 2003–current



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Fun Facts about Burak Ozcivit

Burak has already taken his place as one of the leading men in Turkey when it comes to acting and modelling, and as of this year, he has hit the milestone of over twenty million followers on Instagram. He is 6 feet ( 183 cm ) and weighs 68 kilograms ( 172 Lbs). Burak’s eyes are a beautiful shade of brown, and his hair is black.

The actor is married to Fahriye Evcen, the beautiful pair got hitched on June 29, 2017, and their partnership is blessed with a beautiful boy named Karan Ozcivit, who was born in the year 2000.

He is a practising Muslim, and he is a non-vegetarian. He has listed famous actor Will Smith as his favourite actor, and it is no wonder why his favourite movie is also Men in Black. He also loves football and adores the Argentina player, Messi.
He enjoys travelling and visiting London when he’s not on the big screen.

Fun Facts about Burak Ozcivit



Burak has established himself as a notable entertainment figure worthy of emulation in Turkey and all over the World. We pray that the year 2022 holds exciting things for him as a person and his career at large. If you’re a fan of Burak, you can connect with him on Instagram (burakOzcivit) and Twitter (Burak Ozcivit).


How much does Burak charge per episode?

  • He charges about $30,000 per episode.

What is the height of Burak Ozcivit?

  • He is 6 feet tall

Who is Burak Ozcivit married to?

  • He is married to Fahriye Even.

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