Brodburger menu prices in Australia

Have you heard the name Brodburger? Perhaps you have to judge by the popularity of the burger shop. And if you have never heard the name brodburger, get a comfy seat and read on.

Brodburger is a burger sales shop established in the year 2009 in Kingston. The burger outlet started as a small shop operating in a van.

It didn’t take long before the public was all over the burgers and the outlet began to expand gradually.

The popularity gained by the burger shop is overwhelming; this was illustrated by the events that occurred in the year 2010 when the Kingston government decided to close Brodburgers due to their inability to meet up with the documents for setting up such a shop.

Brodburger menu prices in Australia

Customers from every nook and corner in Kingston rallied to defend the shop. People went as far as writing petitions and staging a protest in favour of brodburgers.

After the incident, brodburgers moved to a larger space; currently, the shop is at the Glassworks building at Kingston foreshore.

Brodburger still enjoys massive popularity in the Kingston area to date; many of the customers complain of the long queue they have to endure before getting served. Some of them argue that they spend well over 30minutes to be done.

Although it’s a form of inconvenience for the customers, it is also a testament to the quality burgers sold at this store.

Another reason for this huge customer base enjoyed by brodburger could be the shop’s very fair and affordable prices. Underlisted is the food and snacks served by brodburger and their respective prices.


Brodburger Menu Prices


Menu ItemPrice (AUD)


Brod Burger$15.50
Deluxe Burger$22
Chicken Burger$17
Battered Fin Burger$15.50
Veg Burger$15.50
Salmon Burger$17
Lamb Burger$17
Bacon & Egg Burger$17.50
Single Cheese Burger$14.50
Double Cheese Burger$19.50
Steak Burger$19
Piri Piri Burger$17.50
Slaw Burger$16
Capital Burger$16.50
Oh My Vegan Burger$17.50

Brodburger menu prices in Australia

Brodburger menu prices in Australia



Hands down, Brodburger is one of my favourite burger restaurants to visit. Their menu is quite interesting, with a wide range of burger types to choose from and at an affordable rate.

They have a friendly staff and a clean, hygienic environment; if you’d decide to eat out, you’d enjoy the ambience. 

Do well to give them a visit and I assure you wouldn’t regret it. Thank me later. 

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