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Brent Rivera is a social media personality, actor, and American YouTuber. Brent runs a YouTube channel where he uploads videos of himself doing interviews, funny skits, challenges and pranks.

His net worth is estimated to be $6.5 million. Note that he first became popular when Vine was in vogue. His Vine account was thebrentrivera, and he had more than eight million followers.

By 2019, Brent created his YouTube channel, and he had about 16.5 million subscribers plus more than a 3.5billion views. Brent’s videos centre around pranks, challenges, personal Life vlogs and celebrity interviews.


Net Worth Of Brent Rivera

As stated earlier, his net worth is currently staked at $6.5 million, which is practically impressive for a twenty-three-year-old. Interestingly, he made his first million dollars in 2016 when he was eighteen.

He has done well for himself by monetizing his online presence, and he is among the youngest millionaires in California.

However, his most significant income source is his YouTube channel. Brent uploads new videos every week, and he clocks an average of 3.4 million views daily.

While monetized YouTube channels earn roughly $3 to $7 for each one thousand video views, Brent’s channel has been predicted to produce $186000 in ad revenue monthly or a yearly figure of $2.79 million.

He further generates income from being a social media influencer. He is known to promote products on his channel.


Brent Rivera Net Worth



In addition, he engages in brand sponsorship and even generates money through some affiliate commissions.

People claim he makes more money through sponsorships on his Instagram account for some top brands like Colgate. It is reported that he charges between $30k to $60k for each Instagram post.

When it comes down to his TikTok account, Brent has gotten roughly 1.2 billion likes, and he uses the platform to boost brands and simultaneously boosts his net worth.

It is assumed that the charges a massive sum for acting gigs on television. And, he could be making more money from his Relatable Apparel clothing line.

But, aside from all of these, Brent has collaborated with brands to create products as an extra source of income.

He has further endorsed popular brands like Starbucks, iPhone and even Coca-Cola. In addition, he campaigned with Alexis Zall to create awareness of the safety of tires.

While he is not just a mere social media star, Brent is also the CEO and the co-founder of Amp Studios.

Amp Studios is a content and talent group that source for promising young people and assists them in becoming content creators and social media stars.


NameBrent Rivera
Net Worth 2022$6 Million
Annual Salary$1 Million
ProfessionYouTuber, Actor
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Early Life And Career Of Brent Rivera


Early Life And Career Of Brent Rivera


On the 9th of January, 1998, Brent was born to Laura and John Rivera. He was born in Huntington Beach, California. While his mother is a teacher, his father is a firefighter.

Brent is an American national and hails from both Caucasian and Latino descent. He has three siblings, and they frequently appear in some of his videos.

He finished his schooling at the Huntington Beach high school and joined the California State University Long Beach to further his education.

Since the age of ten, Brent had dreamt of becoming an entertainer and made YouTube videos since he was twelve. However, he became an Internet sensation when he began making vines in 2013.

Brent’s vines were seen as funny, relatable, light-hearted and hilarious. By 2016, he was made the face of Hollister’s anti-bullying campaign, which he used to spread awareness around cyberbullying and bullying.




In addition, he has dealt with bullying personally. He also raised some money for the cause and told his viewers how bullying was at its worst when he started his career.

In 2017, he acted on the show Alexander IRL. He starred as Alexander, a high school student who threw a party to be among the cool kids.

Nevertheless, he is a recognizable name in the social media world. He has up to twenty-two million followers on Instagram and forty million followers on TikTok.

As one of the top-grossing YouTubers out there, he uploads vlogs daily on his channel and has won several awards in his ten-year career as a content creator.


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