Barnacle Bill menu prices in Australia

Barnacle Bill is an Australian food store that specialises in Seafood meals, Crew Packs, Salads, Salads and Sweets in Australia.


The average rating of the food store is 4, its shows that the customers have been satisfied well so far.


The restaurant can be contacted through a phone call to get a table reservation for yourself. The restaurant also has an option of taking away its food, and you can also place an order on their homepage.

The restaurant offers food and drinks at the counter, but you can also sit outdoors.

There is also a seating area, and if you bring your baby or toddler, you can place them in an available highchair at the Barnacle Bill menu

Barnacle Bill menu prices in Australia

Menu prices

Seafood Meal prices

Butterfish – 2 pieces$9.95
Butterfish – 4 pieces$19.90
Butterfish – 6 pieces$29.85
Prawns – avg. 11-12$13.90
Prawns – avg. 22-25$27.80
Prawns – avg. 33-37$41.70
Calamari – avg. 10-12$11.90
Calamari – avg. 20-24$23.80
Calamari – avg. 30-37$35.70
Chickettes – avg. 3-4$9.95
Chickettes – avg. 6-8$19.90
Chickettes – avg. 9-12$29.85
Prawns & Calamari – small$12.90
Prawns & Calamari- medium$25.80
Prawns & Calamari- large$38.70
Two-in-One – small$12.90
Two-in-One – medium$25.80
Two-in-One – large$38.70
Three-in-One – small$12.90
Three-in-One – medium$25.80
Three-in-One – large$38.70
Scallops – avg. 10-12$14.90
Scallops – avg. 20-23$29.80
Scallops – avg. 30-36$44.70
Whiting – 2 pieces$19.90
Whiting – 4 pieces$39.80
Whiting – 6 pieces$59.70
Garfish – 2 pieces$15.90
Garfish – 4 pieces$31.80
Garfish – 6 pieces$47.70
Barramundi – 2 pieces$11.90
Barramundi – 4 pieces$23.80
Barramundi – 6 pieces$35.70
Schnapper – 2 pieces$17.90
Schnapper – 4 pieces$35.80
Schnapper – 6 pieces$53.70
Small Fry – 2 pieces$6.50
Small Fry – 5 pieces$9.95
Small Fry – 10 pieces$18.90

About Barnacle Bill

Initially located in Australia, Barnacle Bill is a food store that offers tasty seafood snacks perfect for every bonding and get-away.

The store was established by George Leonida in 1970, who is also a lover of seafood specialties.

Barnacle Bill’s menu is a total package, as it both offers main snacks, drinks, and desserts for a budget-friendly price.

Throughout its foodservice operation, Barnacle Bill continuously elevates the quality of its menu and its service to meet customers’ desires. Also, the restaurant is is environment friendly as it partnered with MPM Marketing Services in promoting disposable food packaging products.

Recently, Barnacle Bill celebrated its 50th anniversary by giving fascinating prizes and vouchers to its devoted customers.

Barnacle Bill has also broadened its store locations in South Australia, especially in Port Pirie and Port Augusta, so that many customers can satisfy their seafood cravings experience.

Barnacle Bill menu prices in Australia


You are calling out all the seafood fans out there! Barnacle Bill deliver wholesome and tasty variations of seafood snacks that are specially made for you.

Their main menu consists of prawns, barramundi, calamari, thickets, butterfish, scallops, whiting, garfish, schnapper, and small fry cooked as grilled, crumbed and buttered.

The Barnacle Bill menu offers a perfect snack for family and friend bonding while having to celebrate a special occasion or movie marathons.

The Seafood servings are optional for a catering order. single group packs and If you are health conscious and currently practising your balanced diet, worry no more — Barnacle Bill’s seafood snacks are low in saturated fats and cholesterol-free 

 Are you also looking for something sweet? The store also offers pineapple flitter, salad, chocolate mousse, jelly, coffee, and cakes to broaden your all-out Barnacle Bill snack experience.

So, if you want to crush your seafood cravings and maintain a healthy body simultaneously, Barnacle Bill is an excellent snack store for you.

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