Angie Varona Net Worth 2022 – Income, Assets, Age, Boyfriend, Bio

With a net worth pegged at $1 million, Angie Varona is a social media influencer, TikTok star and an American model. Angie is popularly known for her unique yet bold pictures on Instagram.

She is among the most popular social media stars living in America that have gained massive popularity via social media.

It is safe to say that Angie is the Queen of Instagram as she has more than 3.4 million followers on her account. Angie became famous at a tender age; however, some models have a good fan following at that same age.

Angelina Varona is her full name though fans call her Angie.


Net Worth Of Angie Varona

According to media stories, Angie is worth one million dollars, and she is a notable top rising social media celebrity in America that got her fame from her bold pictures.

Her monthly income is over $15k. Angie’s primary source of income comes from acting, modelling, social media and her videos.

Her yearly income is over $450k. With how swiftly she is growing in fame, Angie will most likely be a top Hollywood actress in the coming years.

Angie makes so much h money from sponsored posts, various brand endorsements and commercials. As a result of her achievement on social media, Angie’s net worth has grown through the years.

In 2018, Angie was worth $0.1 million, and it rose to $0.2 million in 2019. However, it grew in 2020 to $0.4 million and moved in 2021 to $0.8 million.

And currently, it is staked at $1 million.


Original nameAngie Varona
Mononym (Nick Name)Angie
Religious BeliefChristianity


Personal Life And Career


Personal Life And Career of Angie Varona


Born on the 28th of April 1993 into a Christian family in Miami, Florida, Angie schooled at John Ferguson Senior High School, Florida.

She got a degree in political science and international relations from the prestigious Florida International University.

Angie is in a relationship with a managing partner of American Medical academy, Juan Pablo Inguanzo. She started her modelling career and had an Instagram page where she posted her pictures.

That was where she gained immediate success. Angie has practically done diverse commercials for lots of swimmer related brands.

Unfortunately, her nude pictures were leaked by hackers at the start of her career, though she reported them. Apart from all of these, some people know that she holds the Juris Doctor degree.

The Juris Doctor degree is regarded as an undergraduate law degree in the United States. Currently, she is a popular and talented model well known for her stunning looks.

Additionally, she has a YouTube channel named Varona Family, with more than 7.15k subscribers. s a popular social media sensation, she lives in an exquisite home located in a peaceful area in Miami, Florida.

She lives here with her family and has some luxury properties in the US. Most skincare companies want her to represent their brand; however, she has done endorsement works for diverse lingerie and bikini brands.

She promotes Rydewear, BoohooMAN, redline energy beverages, Fashion Nova, and even Raymon G Valentine Apparels.


Angie Varona Net Worth 2022


FAQs on Angie Varona

What does Angie Varona do?

Angie is a model, a TikTok star, and, not to forget, a social media influencer.

What is Angie’s net worth?

Currently, Angie is worth one million dollars.

How much does she take home yearly?

Angie’s yearly income is pegged at over $450k.


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