Alex Bruesewitz Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Career, Bio

Getting ahead of the competition and ensuring one achieves success requires a good plan and strategy. A good campaign ensures the candidate’s success in the political sphere. It’s no surprise that past Presidents, Governors, District Attorneys, etc., have all won elections due to successful campaigns brought out of a good strategy.

Great implementation is what has gotten Alex Bruesewitz to the top of his game in the Planning and Strategy world; becoming one of the best strategists in the U.S. and has earned millions for his work. In this article, we’ll be delving briefly into the world of this bright young American and how he has become so successful—discussing his career, bio, salary and Net worth.

Personal Life

Born on March 12th 2003, in Florida, Alex Bruesewitz is of Hispanic heritage and raised in Ripon, Wisconsin, United States. Alex, who grew up in a Christian home, attended Ripon High School, where he was said to have graduated in 2015. He had his college education in Florida.

Alex’s career has always taken first place in his heart right from his college days, and he had great support from his parents. He became very popular after his comments on the riots of January 5th, 2021, at the Capitol building after the loss of the election by Donald Trump. Alex Bruesewitz is a big fan of the ex-president and supported him during his campaign. 


Alex Bruesewitz was Born on March 12th 2003, in Florida



The Hispanic-American entrepreneur has always had a passion for politics and has given professional advice to different people. These include members of the Senate and Congressmen, and former appointees of the White House. So he decided to start a company, “X Strategies”, with his friend Derek Utley in 2017. 

X Strategies has successfully implemented strategies for various businessmen, women, and politicians. Alex co-founded the company, offering individualized P.R. for her clients and mainly working on communication strategies. Their approach gives them the edge over their clients’ competition, and because of this, X Strategies is one of the most expensive companies in Planning and Strategy. 

The company is also known for combining experienced consultants conversant with the Washington environs and the younger professionals. These young consultants have the sole responsibility of handling the social media campaigns for the political benefits of their clients.

Alex Bruesewitz is in charge of the communications department while he leaves the digital initiatives to his co-founder, Derek. The firm currently has offices in the heart of the country, Washington DC, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The two have had a good working relationship asides from their personal lives. 

One of Bruesewitz’s key moments in his career was his speech at Donald Trump’s rally during the ex-President’s campaign. Alex was a key advisor to Trump as President and supported the businessman turned politician. As a result of his dedication, Alex received the “Platinum Political Consultant” title. 


Alex Bruesewitz Career


Salary & Net Worth

Alex Bruesewitz hasn’t always been the type to disclose information about his personal life. However, reports state that he has an average net worth of $5 million as of 2022. Bruesewitz has various sources of income, but his primary source is his role as C.E.O. of X Strategies. He earns more than $50,000 monthly as a salary

No actual figure has been obtained regarding how much X Strategies charge for their services. However, it tends to differ based on clientele and resources required to achieve the success of its strategy. The company works with different bodies from N.G.O.s to Politicians. 


Net Worth:$5 Million
Full Name:Alex Bruesewitz
Monthly Income:$50 Thousand+
Annual Income:$500 Thousand+
Factors:X Strategies
Country:United States
Last Updated:2022

Assets and Endorsements

Rumour has it that he owns a beach house in West Palm, Florida. However, Alex hasn’t come out to agree to this claim. He and his company, X Strategies, haven’t been known to endorse anyone publicly, but Alex shows his support for ex-US President Donald Trump. 

Alex Bruesewitz Assets and Endorsements



Everyone desires to live their dreams and achieve the most excellent form of success they can. But doing this requires a plan a good strategy to accomplish. This is the exact thing Alex Bruesewitz has leveraged that has gotten him to be one of the most affluent teenagers in the U.S.A. The 5ft 8in America has carved out a unique niche in Business Strategy. 

Many publications refer to him as the first American Political Strategist, but recent interviews have shown that he intends to go beyond politics. Having a good strategy ensures that you win, and Mr Bruesewitz has realized the high earnings one can make from ensuring the success of a man’s political career or business. 



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Who is Alex Bruesewitz?

  • Alex Bruesewitz is a Hispanic-American Entrepreneur who’s famous for his political strategies and advice. 

How old is Alex Bruesewitz?

  • The young American will be 18 years of age as of March 2022.

Who founded X Strategies Inc.?

  • The company was founded in 2017 by Alex Bruesewitz and Derek Utley.

When did Alex Bruesewitz become famous?

  • Alex Bruesewitz became famous after his comments on the riots at the Capitol building on January 5th 2021.

What is Alex Bruesewitz’s relationship with Donald Trump?

  • Alex was a campaign strategist and political advisor to former president Trump.

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