Adventure World Ticket Prices in Australia

Adventure World is the biggest and most famous theme park in Perth. The slides and rides make it a fantastic place to spend a sunny day in Perth. Please find out how much their tickets cost and more here.


Adventure World is the biggest and most famous theme park in Perth.



Ticket TypePrice

Day Tickets

Child (3 years or under)Free
Child (4-13 years inclusive)$52.50
Adult (14 years & above)$62.50
Family 2+1 OR 1+2$159.50
Family 2+2 OR 1+3$195
Family 2+3 OR 1+4$239.50

Member Discounted Day Tickets

Child (4-13 years inclusive)$34.15
Adult (14 years & above)$40.65

Platinum Member Discounted Day Tickets

Child (4-13 years inclusive)$26.25
Adult (14 years & above)$31.25

Last 3 Hour Power Pass

Child (3 years or under)Free
Child (4-13 years inclusive)$40
Adult (14 years & above)$45

Season Pass

Child (3 years or under)Free
Child (4-13 years inclusive)$155
Adult (14 years & above)$179
Family 1+1$334
Family 2+1 OR 1+2$489
Family 2+2 OR 1+3$589
Family 2+3 OR 1+4$669

Platinum Season Pass

Child (4-13 years inclusive)$240
Adult (14 years & above)$295
Family 1+1$535
Family 2+1 OR 1+2$699
Family 2+2 OR 1+3$835
Family 2+3 OR 1+4$925

Fast Pass

Off Peak (not including park admission)$34.95
On Peak (not including park admission)$39.95

What’s a Platinum Season Pass?

It’s a season pass for an unlimited entry to the park whenever it’s time for the open season with a little more perks than just the standard season pass.

The platinum Season Pass rate at The Adventure World

Below is the list of extra benefits you’ll get with the Platinum Pass:

  • 20% off Official Merchandise
  • 20% off Food & Drinks
  • 20% off Souvenir Photography
  • 40% off Cabana Hire
  • 50% off Entry Prices for 8 Friends
  • Express Member Entry
  • Free Entry into Fright Nights

If you enjoy any of those things – the Platinum Season Pass will be the best option as it will be worth the while!

Where can you get cheap tickets?

The RAC is one of the excellent ways to get the price reduction of the Adventure World tickets.

Over the past years, they’ve frequently been providing their members with the option to buy day passes to the theme park at a discounted price rate than the standard. And the fantastic news is – you can signup today!

Cheaper Tickets Can Be Found At RAC

You don’t even have to sign b up for any of their products or services, and you can join the reards program by itself. It costs only just $29/year, and you’ll get access to a range of benefits and rewards you can use. One of them is Adventure World, of course!

Where can you get cheap tickets in Australia?

Do all prices change depending on the time you go in?

 All tickets bought after 2 pm become a massive discount price to visit adventurers to come in even though they have less time to enjoy their rides.


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