Addison Rae Net Worth 2022 – Income, Career, Cars, House, Bio

It is safe to say that Addison Rae has successfully made herself rich due to passing the time during the pandemic on the platform known as TikTok.

Addison is a twenty-year-old influencer who boasts 82.7 million followers on TikTok and 38.7 million followers on Instagram, even though she might not be old enough to order a beer or even rent a car.

More so, Addison Rae has an estimated net worth that will prompt you to smash the like button on her page right now.


The net worth of Addison Rae

It is estimated that Addison is worth roughly five million dollars. According to Forbes, she could rake in the seven-figure sum off her 2020 earnings on TikTok alone.

However, people think that she may be worth a bit more.

The net worth of Addison Rae

Early Life And Career

Born in Louisiana on the 6th of October 2000, with her full name being Addison Rae Easterling, she has said that she works extremely hard, especially towards her music and acting dreams.

While Forbes claims she raked in five million dollars from TikTok alone, other media outlets claim she makes between $50k to $80k per TikTok post.

However, in a podcast interview, she made it known that the most she has ever heard of a TikTok star earning for one post is $90k.

While she has never clearly stated her price for each TikTok post, Addison made it known on Views podcast that she knew people could earn $90k on a sponsored post on the TikTok app.

However, she did not direct this statement to herself. For those unaware, Addison is rated among the biggest stars on TikTok, and one can say her fee should be pretty high.

However, she made it clear that she gets paid only for the branded TikToks. More so, Addison earns much from Instagram and reportedly takes home roughly $70k for each branded post on Instagram.

If you never knew, she has a strong YouTube presence. And depending on the type of video Addison releases and the reactions the clip gets, she can make from $5k to $80600 every single month on YouTube.

Addison is pretty clever when she releases content. Her first single, Obsessed, was dropped in March of 2020, and she released clips first on YouTube.

This move was to make sure she clocked major clicks. Currently, the official music video of Obsessed has over twenty-three million views.

She has a podcast that she co-hosts with her mum, Sheri Easterling. It is called That was fun?, though it was formerly known as Mama Knows Best.

Addison has an exclusive deal with Spotify for this podcast. Though no one knows the exact figures between her relationship with Spotify, there are some things we can share with you while you do the math.

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Net Worth 2022:

NameAddison Rae
Net Worth 2022$ 8 Million
Monthly Income$ 35,000
Yearly Income$ 300,000 +
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Zodiac SignLibra

Addison Rae Net Worth 2022 – Income, Career, Cars, House, Bio


Spotify signed Call Her Daddy, a comedy podcast, for a three years period on a sixty million dollars exclusive deal in 2021 June.

Before this, the host Alexandra Cooper took a reported $500k home yearly from this podcast due to her former contract with Barstool sports.

Now, Addison is way bigger than Cooper, and you can imagine how much she earns from her podcast.

Even though no one knows her exact paycheck for the movie He’s All That, she made it known that the offer she got made her cry.

We may as well guess it was tears of joy surely. Addison currently lives in a $3 million mansion in the Tarzana neighbourhood of Los Angeles.

It is a six-bedroom mansion with 7.5 bathrooms and a lovely infinity pool. Even if the numbers have not been officially stated, Addison’s amount of brand endorsements to her name surely gives her lots of money.

Addison’s first sponsorship was from Fashion Nova. And now, Addison Rae has a cosmetics line known as Item Beauty with Sephora.

Plus, she works with American Eagle, of which she delivers a roughly estimated media impact value of $4.26million as a result of her huge social media presence.

It should be noted that Addison rose to fame on TikTok in the last quarter of 2019 when she posted videos of herself dancing with her mom.

She also posted some comedy sketch clips and lip-sync videos.

Addison got over one million followers when she moved to Los Angeles and was a Hype House influencer collective member with Avani Gregg, Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson, Dixie, and Charlie D’Amelio.

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