Top 5 Best Ring Lights For YouTube, Tik Tok, Makeup Artists, And Photographers 

In this article, we will take a look at five of the best ring lights for YouTube, Tik Tok, make-up artists, and photographers.

Understanding which ring light you need is the first step in purchasing. There are vast differences between the models currently available, and they offer different features. You should consider the type of product you’re looking to purchase.

Top 5 Best Ring Lights For YouTube

Do you want to keep your lights free of cables, or do you want to control them with your smartphone? Once you have a clear idea in mind, these Top 5 Best Ring Lights For YouTube will help you choose the right one.

Ring lights are some of the most popular lights used in photography and videography. They have a ring shape that surrounds the camera lens and provides a soft, diffused light that gives you a smooth, even complexion.

YouTubers, makeup artists, and photographers often use ring lights because they are easy to use and can help you achieve professional-looking results.

Ring lights are a popular lighting option for vloggers, makeup artists, and photographers. They’re lightweight, portable, and can be used to create a soft, even light source.

Ring lights are a must-have for anyone looking to take their YouTube channel to the next level. Whether you’re creating makeup tutorials, filming vlogs or live streams, or just want to look amazing in your photos, a ring light will set you apart from the rest.

Top 5 Best Ring Lights For YouTube

Ring lights are becoming increasingly popular with video bloggers, beauty gurus, and even photographers! Every day I see someone using one of these gorgeous lights in their YouTube videos or Instagram posts.

The best part about ring lights is that they don’t cost hundreds of dollars like other professional lighting equipment. You can get a pretty decent ring light for around $50 – $100 right now!

Here are the top 5 best ring lights for YouTube, Tik Tok, Makeup Artists, and Photographers:

yAyusi Portable Cordless Ring Light for Youtube

Do you want a professional lighting system for your youtube or selfie videos? Well, yAyusi Portable Cordless Ring Light is all you need! It allows you to create high-quality videos in tight and dark conditions easily.

Moreover, it has an adjustable stand that allows you to use it anywhere for your beauty tutorials, makeup selfies, and more. The light is also very easy to use. So get yours right now!

yAyusi Portable Cordless Ring Light for Youtube

  • 2022’s ultra-compact wireless ring light is the first to fit in a box. This new design improved traditional ring light technology, which was difficult to build and transport. When not in use, it fits in a drawer, saving space. First invisible ring light.
  • The ring light with stand combo can be changed from a 10.5″ box to a maximum 79″ selfie light for 3.5″-6.1″ phones.
  • Three color modes, memory Our LED ring light has memory. The tiny box ring light returns to its former when turned on (mode).

This is a portable cord-free ring light for vloggers on the go. The yAyusi Portable Cordless Ring Light will bring a soft, natural light to your video and make you look gorgeous on camera!

yAyusi Portable Cordless Ring Light with Stand is a professional makeup light. It’s portable and lightweight, making it easy to transport. Great for any kind of photography and video shooting, but specifically for beauty enthusiasts who want to contour their features and highlight their natural beauty.

Change the look of your selfie with this Portable Cordless Ring Light.

Measuring 6.6 inches by 5.5 inches by 7.2 inches and weighing 15 ounces, the Ring Light is very portable. It features a removable, rechargeable 9800mAh lithium-ion battery that lasts about 2 hours of use and takes about 4 hours to charge fully.

This creative and versatile ring light is used for macro photography, portrait, and object photos. The handy design means it can be used on the go and the stand allows you to place it on a table or tripod for hands-free use for even lighting. No more shadows!

You can use it for:

  • YouTube videos
  • Vlog Lighting
  • Makeup Application
  • Tattoos
  • Low-budget videography
  • Product photography/videos

Desk Ring Light for Youtube & Tik Tok

This ring light will take your video game streaming and live streaming to the next level. It will allow you to professionally light the face and body of your subject, which can help improve quality and reduce shadows. Great for YouTubers, vloggers, live streamers, and gamers! Features: 1/4″ nodal slide design permits camera movement at a low angle to the work surface

Desk Ring Light for Youtube & Tik Tok

  • If you’re looking for the best light for Zoom calls and Video conferences, you can’t go wrong with the Evershop double-ring light.
  • It provided a kind and diffused light that removes shadows and helps you stand out from backgrounds, whether you’re streaming on YouTube or twitch, taking photos for social media, or creating content.
  • Ever shop twin ring light casts light around your face from multiple sides, reducing shadow and keeping light evenly, not harsh.
  • This circle light contains attachments for the phone holders and 1/4″ thread camera mounts, can be exchanged flexibly, and has a 360-degree rotatable gooseneck arm holder.

This desk lamp will help you take your video to the next level. Don’t just rely on natural light anymore. The soft lamp light will enhance your videos in a way that nothing else can! You can create different moods and effects for your videos with two different brightness settings and three different color temperatures.

This Ring Light is perfect for YouTubers and Tik Tok users who need a highly adjustable lighting source on a low budget. It has a universal base that can be attached to your camera or phone and adjusts to fit any sized desk.

It features a ring shadow to help focus the camera on your face and prevent glare. The flexible arm allows you to position it, so you’re sure to get the perfect shot every time.

You can use this light for:

  • Tik Tok Filming
  • Zoom Conferencing
  • Video Calls
  • Makeup and Tattoos
  • Vloggers/Vlogging

KobraTech RGB 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder 

The KobraTech 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder is a great little selfie light kit for the selfie lover on your list. It features three color-controlled LEDs (red, green, and blue), allowing you to adjust the color to match any lighting condition.

KobraTech RGB 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Hardware InterfaceBluetooth, USB
Wireless Communication TechnologyBluetooth, Infrared

The Selfie Ring Light is an ideal way to add studio-quality lighting to your selfies. With its 3 color modes, you can adjust the ring light to any color you choose. The included phone holder makes it easy to attach your phone to the ring light and start shooting.

It is perfect for all kinds of photography, especially in small or poorly lit spots. Use it to brighten up photos and give a more natural look to your selfies! The KobraTech Selfie Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder has a built-in phone holder, so you can easily set up your phone to take the perfect selfie.

The KobraTech Selfie Ring Light is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to take better selfies. It is compact, lightweight, and portable, so you can take it anywhere. A phone holder that fits the most popular smartphones is included with the ring light. The built-in stand allows you to adjust the lighting angle to meet your needs easily.

Additional features:
  • Adjustable height
  • Phone mount
  • Dimmable and color temperature changing
  • Small and portable

ULANZI Smartphone Video Rig with Light

The ULANZI Smartphone Video Rig is a smartphone mount that allows you to capture smooth, steady videos and photos. It’s compatible with most phones and smart devices, so you can use it in any application you want. Just clamp the ULANZI onto a tripod or other device and adjust the flexible light arm to provide the perfect amount of illumination for your shoot.

ULANZI Smartphone Video Rig with Light

  • Build-in Battery
  • Widely Color Temperature
  • High Color Rendering
  • Designed with 3 cold shoes
  • Widely Used in Various Scenes

This versatile rig is perfect for filmmakers on the go with their smartphones. It comes with a cold shoe mount and connecting plate, allowing you to add lights, microphones, and other accessories. The case is made from high-impact plastic and can fit smartphones up to 6 inches wide.

Ulanzi smartphone video rig with light is designed to hold your smartphones, such as iPhone 13 and Galaxy S22, more steadily while shooting. A pair of rubbery silicone bands are included in the package. The dimmable LED light helps you get the right light for shooting.

This is the perfect accessory for your smartphone video recording needs. It’s lightweight and portable and comes with a sturdy clamp and an LED light to ensure that you capture quality videos in any environment.

ULANZI Smartphone Video Camera Rig with Light is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make professional-looking videos. With its sturdy built-in handles, this rig will ensure a steady shot while you record. The full-size tripods and adjustable light stand are extremely convenient and help you start shooting immediately.

LITTIL Superstar Slim Portable 11in USB Ring Light Stand With Phone Holder

Ever wanted to take your YouTube content on the road with you? Well, now you can with the LITTIL Superstar Slim Portable 11in USB Ring, featuring a fast and easy setup that allows you to record YouTube videos with no additional hardware or software required.

LITTIL Superstar Slim Portable 11in USB Ring Light Stand

Product details

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Hardware InterfaceUSB

Remove shadows and brighten your entire face with the unique, durable, and versatile LITTIL Superstar 11in light! Its USB rechargeable battery makes it super convenient to use at home or on the go. The perfect addition to anyone’s video studio setup!

Compatible with most of the latest Android and iOS devices that support OTG or USB Host. Easily connect the super slim flash drive, and simply plug it into your Android device’s micro USB port to transfer files from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

The LITTIL Superstar Slim Portable 11in USB Ring Light is a high-quality lighting solution that can be used for many applications. Whether you’re doing live streams, testing out makeup and skincare products, or shooting photography and video, this ring light will help ensure your images are as polished as possible. With an adjustable arm that has up to 180 degrees of motion, you can work with it no matter where you need it to go.

You love to have a clear, bright light on your face when making videos. We know that. It makes all the difference when you’re trying to create great content for YouTube and other platforms. That’s why we designed this product!


So that’s a wrap on everything to consider when buying a ring light. Don’t also forget to research the prices online too. You can always do this by simply typing “ring light,” or you may check out Amazon, where many of these lights are sold online.

These lights aren’t overly expensive, and since they are not specialized photography tools, the ring lights are within a reasonable price range for most consumers.

I hope this article helped you in making your decision as to which ring light will be right for your YouTube channel!

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