How Much Does It Cost To Plasti Dip A Car?

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Plasti Dip is a rubber coating that can be applied to almost any surface. It’s great for protecting and customizing your car, bike, motorcycle, trailer, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Plasti Dip A Car?

It is a thick rubber coating that comes in a variety of colors. It can be purchased at many local retailers or online.

Plasti Dip was invented by two brothers from Chicago who were tired of getting their hands dirty while working on their motorcycles. Plasti Dip is a product that allows you to easily customize any surface without getting your hands dirty!

It is made from a high-elasticity rubber polymer sprayed onto objects using an aerosol spray can. Once applied, it dries within minutes and creates a protective coating over whatever object it is applied to. The Plasti Dip product line includes over 30 different colors that you can use to customize anything from golf carts to bicycles or even cars!

How Much Does It Cost To Plasti Dip A Car?

Plasti Dip is a great way to add color and personality to a car without paying the high price of traditional paint. The average cost of plasti dipping a car is $400-1500, depending on the size of the vehicle and how much material you need.

The cost of plasti dipping will vary depending on the size and shape of your vehicle. A small compact car may only require one can of material, while a large SUV may require two or more cans. Sometimes, you may need more than one can if you’re planning on doing multiple coats or if your vehicle has curves or other complex areas that require more effort.

The average cost for one can of Plasti Dip is around $700, with most people needing two cans at least for their first coat application (which will give them a solid base color). The second coat will likely need another can unless you work with large pieces like bumpers or hoods where extra material is required. Once done, there’s no need to sand down your paint job like you would with traditional paint jobs.

You can get a decent estimate of how much it will cost by looking at the materials used in the project. The most common materials used are plastic, rubber, and vinyl. If you want to paint your car yourself, the price would be lower than if you want to do it professionally.

The cost will also depend on your location and if you need help applying the material.

Factors That Affect The Cost To Plasti Dip A Car

The cost to plasti dip a car is affected by many factors. These include the size of the vehicle, what type of paint is on it and how much prep work needs to be done before applying the plasti dip.

1. Size of Your Vehicle

The size of your vehicle has a direct impact on the cost to plasti dip it because bigger vehicles take more material and labor to cover than smaller ones do. If you have a large SUV or truck, you’ll pay more than if you have a small car or motorcycle. The most common sizes for vehicles are:

  • Small cars: $200-$300
  • -Medium-sized cars: $300-$400
  • Large cars: $400-$600
  • Trucks and SUVs: $800+

2. Type of Paint on Your Vehicle

The type of paint on your vehicle determines how much prep work is required before applying plasti dip. If there’s no existing paint, then no prep work is necessary, and the job can be done in as little as two hours at most local shops specializing in plasti dipping vehicles (more on these later). But if an existing finish needs to be removed first — such as primer or wax — then expect to spend

3. Layers required

The number of body panels you want to be covered in plasti dip. If you have multiple panels you want to be covered, it will be more expensive than if you only have one panel done.

4. Custom design

If you have any custom work done to your car (pinstripes, custom shapes and patterns). Plasti dip is not limited to just the color you choose from their standard colors, but they also offer custom colors for an extra fee.

5. Whether or not you want to apply it yourself or have a professional do it for you.

If you decide to apply it yourself, then there is no need for any labor costs associated with having someone else do it for you. However, if you don’t know how to apply plasti dip properly, then there could be issues with how the application turns out, which would cause the need for additional labor costs down the road.

How To Plasti Dip A car?

Plasti Dip is a brand of spray-on rubber coating. It is a product that has become very popular in the last few years, and it has been used to coat everything from jewelry to cell phones to cars. Plasti Dip is available at most home improvement stores, but it can be pricey if you buy it retail. To save money and get great results, try this do-it-yourself guide for how to plasti dip a car.

What You’ll Need:

  • Plasti Dip paint
  • Heat gun
  • Latex gloves
  • Plastic drop cloths (optional)

Here’s how to apply Plasti Dip on your car:

1. Wash your car thoroughly with soap and water. Dry the vehicle completely before applying Plasti Dip.

2. Spray the surface of your car with WD-40 or another lubricant to prevent surface rust during application and curing time.

3. Use a brush or roller applicator to apply one coat of Plasti Dip onto each side of your vehicle; make sure you overlap each section by at least 2 inches (5 cm).


A great deal depends on the car’s shape, where you plasti-dip it and how much requires one or two professional sprayer. Also, how well you do the base coat is important. If many swirls and scratches are visible on the base paint, they will show through once the plasti-dip is applied.

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