How Much Does A Doctor’s Visit Cost Without Insurance In 2022?

How much does a doctor visit cost without insurance in 2022? This can be a very daunting question for anyone to answer, especially if you have never really gone to the doctor’s office before.

First of all, let’s just assume that you have the utmost respect for doctors and think that they are majestic beings capable of healing the sick, boosting the spirit, and helping you with any health issues that you may have.

It is also useful to understand that most of their time is spent diagnosing ailments, treating them or referring people out to a specialist.

How Much Does A Doctor's Visit Cost Without Insurance In 2022?
How Much Does A Doctor’s Visit Cost Without Insurance In 2022?

The cost of a doctor’s visit depends on the costs of the services you receive and the provider who performs them. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average physician visit cost was $380 to $600 (as of 2021). This figure represents an average across all states and does not include any fees or payments for tests or procedures performed during your visit.

As with any type of medical care, there are variations in cost depending on where you live, how long you have been seeing your doctor and what type of insurance coverage you have.

The Cost of a Doctor’s Visit Without Insurance

When you’re uninsured, you may wonder how much it costs to see a doctor. If you’re in need of medical care, the price tag can be daunting. But don’t panic — there are ways to save money on your next doctor’s visit.

The price will also vary depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • The type of doctor you are seeing (primary care physician vs specialist)

According to Medical Billing Advocates of America, the average cost for an office visit with a primary care physician or paediatrician without insurance is about $265. If you’re seeing a specialist such as an orthopaedic surgeon or cardiologist, expect your bill to be closer to $300.

If your bill is going to be over $250, then most insurance companies will cover the cost of your visit in full. However, if your medical bill is less than that amount and you don’t have insurance, your best bet is probably to pay out-of-pocket and let it go on your credit report as an unpaid debt.

Cost of a Doctor’s Visit for Different Specialists Without Insurance

Speciality TypeAverage Cost Without Insurance
Primary care$186
All Other$365
  • Where you seek care

Where you seek care also affects how much your visit costs. For example, if you go to urgent care instead of going straight to the emergency room for something like a sprained ankle or broken finger, it could save hundreds of dollars.

If you’re uninsured, it’s important to know that many community hospitals offer reduced-cost services for low-income patients who don’t have insurance. In addition, some private clinics offer discounted rates for those without insurance coverage.

Emergency rooms are often the most expensive option, but they will see patients without an appointment — and they don’t turn anyone away because they can’t pay. Some ERs will bill your insurance company directly if you have any coverage at all, but this isn’t always the case. And even if your insurer does pay some or all of the cost of your treatment, that doesn’t mean the service won’t be expensive for patients out-of-pocket.

Community hospitals and private clinics may offer lower prices than private doctors’ offices or urgent care facilities because they don’t have to recoup costs from insurance companies or Medicare/Medicaid programs as much as private practices do. In addition to offering discounted rates for those without.

  • Your degree of urgency

The cost of a doctor’s visit depends on how urgent the situation is and how much you’re willing to pay.

If you have a minor condition that doesn’t require immediate attention, then it’s possible that your doctor will see you on an “as needed basis.” Your appointment may be scheduled for a few weeks from now. This type of visit is typically covered by insurance.

If you have a more urgent need, such as an infection, respiratory problems or chest pain that requires imaging, then your doctor will probably want to see you sooner. In this case, payment arrangements can be made prior to your appointment. You may also be able to call in and schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor over the phone.

In some cases, if you know ahead of time that you’ll need medical treatment and have no insurance coverage, it may be wise to schedule an appointment with an urgent care facility instead of waiting until symptoms become severe enough to warrant an emergency room visit. Urgent care facilities are designed specifically for patients who need immediate attention but don’t have health insurance benefits or cannot afford expensive hospital bills.

  • If you need lab testing and other special requirements

The cost of seeing a doctor without insurance varies depending on where you live and what medical services you need. Lab tests alone can cost hundreds of dollars if they are not covered by your plan or paid for out-of-pocket depending on the kind of testing the patient needs.

If you need lab testing and other special requirements, the cost of a doctor’s visit without insurance can be as high as $200 to $300. This is an important consideration because health insurance is essential in helping people access affordable care.

  • If you are a new or returning patient

If you’re a new patient or haven’t visited the doctor in several years, expect to pay more than the average cost of an office visit without insurance. That’s because new patients are charged more to offset the costs of taking care of uninsured patients — and because doctors typically charge more for new patients than for patients who have been coming back for years.

How Much Does A Doctor’s Visit Cost Without Insurance In 2022?

The cost of a doctors visit without insurance in 2022 is shown in the table below:

Cost (Copay) of a Doctor’s Visit for Different Specialists By Insurance Type

Speciality TypeMedicaidMedicarePrivate Insurance
Primary care$79$104$119
All other$92$121$146

How to Save Money at the Doctor Without Insurance 

Going to the doctor can be costly, especially if you do not have insurance. The following are some ideas and strategies to help you save money when visiting the doctor.

When you’re uninsured, seeing a doctor can be an expensive proposition. Even with the Affordable Care Act in place, the cost of insurance can still be prohibitively high for some people. If you’re one of them and don’t have any other way to pay for medical care, here are some ways to save money at the doctor without insurance:

  • Shop around for cheaper prescriptions. If you’re paying for prescriptions through your insurance plan, you may be able to find lower prices elsewhere. Your best bet is a good pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), which negotiates with pharmacies on behalf of health insurers and employers to get the lowest possible price for their members. PBMs also give discounts when customers use mail orders rather than going into a store or submitting claims themselves — another way to save money on prescriptions if you don’t mind waiting longer for your medicine.
  • Ask about discounts offered by providers such as cash-paying discounts or payment plans.
  • If you need prescription medication, ask your doctor if any free samples are available. You should also always ask your doctor whether the generic version is available, as these are often less expensive than the brand name.
  • You can also open a savings account to save money aside each month for medical visits and other healthcare bills. This can help you manage your money and guarantee you have enough monthly money to pay for your health care needs. If you have a high deductible plan, you may be eligible for a health savings account (HSA), which allows you to save money for medical bills before taxes.

Other methods include;

  • Skip the co-payments
  • Don’t get the treatment you don’t need
  • Use a cash-only plan if you have one available through work
  • Ask your doctor for free samples and coupons
  • Ask your doctor if they accept Medicare or Medicaid


The cost of a doctor’s visit without insurance is not something to be taken lightly. The U.S. healthcare costs are exorbitant; even with health insurance, they’re enough to give many people sticker shock. If you don’t have health insurance or are uninsured, that cost can be overwhelming.

Before you decide to go to the doctor without coverage, take a moment to consider how much it will cost you out of pocket. It might just convince you to hold off and wait for an office visit.

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