How Much Do Glasses Cost Without Insurance In 2022

Did you know that the price of a pair of glasses can vary significantly depending on where you get them filled? Glasses cost an average of $300-$400 but can range anywhere from $50 to $1000+ at your local optometrist. What you pay is determined by the lens quality and the material used to make your frames.

The cheapest frames are plastic and have no added benefits other than keeping your lenses in place. Mid-range or standard materials include titanium, stainless steel and aluminium, to which manufacturers may also add colour, while nickel, silver and platinum are the most expensive frames.

Because glasses are a medical and cosmetic product with numerous personalized components, the price varies. Reading glasses can be purchased for as little as $8 at a pharmacy, whereas designer prescription glasses can cost up to $1,500.

The Cost of Glasses Without Insurance

The average cost of glasses without insurance is $366 without an eye test, according to VSP Vision Care, the largest vision insurance business in the United States. The average cost of an eye exam is $576.

If you do not have health insurance, you can use HSA or FSA funds to pay for prescription glasses out of pocket. The tables below demonstrate the various out-of-pocket costs for glasses from large merchants as well as small local eyeglasses stores in NYC. It also displays the additional prices related to lens type and add-ons.

Buying the lowest choice while shopping for glasses is not advisable because you may be sacrificing quality and service. Expensive designer brands do not necessarily provide the highest quality glasses, so knowing what you are searching for when shopping for glasses is critical in order to discover the best ones at a fair price.

Cost of Glasses Without Insurance From Popular Eyewear Stores

StoreFramesSingle- visionProgressivesAdd-onsCost to Swap Lens MaterialTotal
Zenni$7 – $50+$0+$28+$5 – $14.95+$9 – $60$7 – $93
Warby Parker$95 – $195+$0+$200+$50 – $100+$50$95 – $545
Lens Crafters$99 – $470+$0+$199+$139 – $360+$40 – $200$99 – $918
Target$85 – $222 +$75+$200+$30 – $100+$160 – $375$160 – $697
HeyWear$149  +$0N/A+$29N/A$149 – 178

Cost of Glasses Without Insurance From Eyewear Stores

StoreFramesSingle- visionProgressivesAdd-onsCost to Swap Lens MaterialTotal
Grand Central Optical$349 – $699+$89+$299+$25 – $120+$100 – $110$438 – $1,208
Moscot$300 – $320+$90  +$500+$70 – $130+$150 – $650$390 – $1,220
Vint and York$109 – $319+$0+$160+$50 – $120+$75 – $225$109 – $889

Factors That Influence the Price of Glasses 

The price of glasses is dependent on several factors. The cost of the lenses and frames, as well as the design of the glasses, are primary influencing factors. In addition to these two factors, other factors influence the price of glasses.

  • The design of your glasses

One of the main factors that influence the price of glasses is their design. The design of your glasses will depend on your choice and preference. However, you should consider your budget before making any decision about getting new eyeglasses. You can also get advice from an optician who will help you make a decision about which style is best suited for you and within your budget range.

  • The material used in manufacturing the frame

Frames made from different materials cost differently depending on their quality and durability. For example, if you choose a titanium frame for your eyeglasses, you pay more than if you get plastic frames for your eyeglasses. However, titanium frames are stronger than plastic frames, so they last longer than plastic ones that need replacement.

Metal frames cost more than plastic ones. Metal frames are also heavier than plastic ones but more durable and long-lasting. Plastic frames can be scratched easily but do not cost much money. If you want to buy metal frames for your child, it’s best not to buy cheap ones since they might break easily and cause injury to children’s eyes when they fall down on their faces during playtime activities.

  • The lenses used in manufacturing your pair of glasses

Another factor that influences the price of glasses is the type or kind of lens used to make them. For example, polarized lenses are more expensive than normal lenses.

The lenses of your glasses are more important than the frames since they adjust your eyesight. There are numerous types of lenses available for various eye diseases. Single-vision, multifocal, and progressive lenses are examples of common lens types. Your eye exam prescription will also determine the type of lens you require.

The price of glasses is also heavily influenced by the type of lens used. Because glasses are considered a medical item, they must be purchased with a prescription. However, reading glasses and blue light glasses can be purchased without a prescription.

How Much Does a Quality Lens Cost?

The first thing to consider is how much does a quality lens cost? This is the most important factor when determining the price of glasses. A high-quality lens will last longer and provide clearer vision than one that isn’t made of good materials. The best lenses are made with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that protect them from moisture and oils on your face.

These coatings help maintain clarity over time, so your vision doesn’t get worse time. Even if they do become scratched or damaged, they can be cleaned more easily than untreated lenses because they repel dirt and oil more effectively.


When you go shopping for glasses online, you want to be able to find a pair that looks great and fits your budget. The more you know about the factors that influence the price of glasses, the better equipped you will be to find glasses that suit your budget. It is not always possible to land the cheapest frame, but you can find one within your budget by working with some important factors.

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