Cost Of Bag Of Garri In Nigeria

In Nigeria, cassava tubers are gathered, peeled, grated, fermented, and then fried to produce this wonderful starchy delicacy known as Garri.
Garri, a popular dish in Nigeria, is fried cassava flour that is offered in a variety of sizes, including 50 kilogram bags, paint buckets, mudus, and micro cups. In most families, it is frequently eaten with soups and goes by the names Swallow or Eba. For drinking reasons, it can also be blended uncooked with water, sugar, milk, Milo, and other ingredients. 

In West Africa and elsewhere, the somewhat coarse granular flour is highly well-liked. It may be made and given in many ways as a daily meal, and it is edible. Its supply is insufficient to fulfill demand on the market, not that its consumption has ever decreased. Most families purchase it as a less expensive alternative to rice, yam, or even fufu.

Today’s market offers a variety of Garri varieties and brands. Several of them have names that reflect the place where they are made. The names Ijebu Garri, White Garri, Garri Bendel, and Yellow Garri are now the most well-known on the market.

Cost And Types Of Garri In Nigeria

Garri is sold for a variety of prices at Nigeria’s marketplaces, including those in Lagos, Enugu, Aba, Delta, Benin, Ibadan, Ogun, Abuja, Port-hacourt, Imo, and Benue. But, the typical price of garri in Nigeria is 400 Naira per kg, 1,000 Naira per gallon, and 39,000 Naira per 100 kg bag.

Garri Type QuantityCost
Yellow Garri100 kg₦44,000
Yellow Garri50 kg₦22,000
Yellow Garri25 kg₦11,000
Yellow Garriper paint₦1,100
Yellow Garri1 kg₦440
White Garri100 kg₦34,000
White Garri50 kg₦17,000
White Garri25 kg₦8,500
White Garriper paint₦850
White Garri1 kg₦340

Several Uses Of Garri

Garri is so versatile. It is mostly used as a swallow to consume delectable foods that are usually indigenous to different ethnic groups in Nigeria, such as Okro soup, Edikaikong, Egusi soup, Ofe nsala, and Onugbu. Then, after being soaked and mixed in hot water to coagulate, Garri is known as Eba.

Garri is a native grain that is also used for drinking. All that needs to be done to cook it is to submerge it in water (ideally code one) and add sugar and other ingredients like groundnuts, milk, or even Milo, as some people may want. I’m done now. To enjoy it is now possible.

Garri is made from cassava roots, and Nigeria is one of the world’s major producers. The majority of states in the South and Middle Belt have heavily invested in the crop’s plantations and produce Garri for both domestic consumption and export, which has increased the nation’s foreign exchange revenues and internal income creation.

Although it is still sold in bags and paints measured in local markets, the selling of Garri has improved over time. These days, they are offered in supermarkets by the kilogram (kg) and are wrapped in transparent nylon, such as in the ShopRite, JustRite and other  food section.

This is done to satisfy consumer needs from customers who do not want it in significant, bulk volumes.

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